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AJOY Joshi is an Indian guru (well, he’s mine anyway). He is passionate about his former country’s cuisines (and I say cuisines because if you think Indian food is all the same then you are sadly mistaken as India has … Continue reading

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The New Nadi Farmers Club and Raju’s

ABOUT a third of Fiji’s population is made up of Indo-Fijians who are mostly descended from Indian indentured labourers brought to the islands by British colonial rulers to work on Fiji’s sugar cane plantations. As such, Fiji’s cuisine is also … Continue reading


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Chilli Jam Thai Restaurant

FOR fear of disappointment I am usually very reluctant to venture out and dine at the plethora of “mum and dad” or suburban Thai eateries, particularly those that can’t (or don’t want to), make a basic Thai street food dish … Continue reading

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