What does Anthony Bourdain think of food bloggers?

RENOWNED food author and former chef Anthony Bourdain was interviewed recently at the launch of his upcoming book Medium Raw.

Bourdain,whose books include Kitchen Confidential: Culinary Adventures in the Underbelly and A Cook’s Tour, are must reads for anyone slightly interested in food. He is also a noted champion of the high-quality and ‘deliciousness’ of freshly prepared street food found around the world — especially those of  developing countries — as alternatives to offerings from western fast-food chains (something that this food blog aims to do).

This is what the deity of Culinaria said about food bloggers:

The more the better! I totally disagree with those still crying: ‘They’re not experts.’ When you’re talking about ‘is a restaurant good or not?’ or ‘where should I eat in Saigon?’ – if you read enough bloggers, you will arrive at a reasonable consensus. The old system, where you had lions of food criticism – that was totally corrupt and moribund, just one big clusterfuck of the same people at the same restaurants, using the same adjectives. In the old days, all [a restraurant] had to do was co-opt, coerce, bribe, blow or otherwise flatter a small group of powerful food writers.

Thanks for the encouragement, Anthony.

Anthony Bourdain’s blog can be found at: http://anthony-bourdain-blog.travelchannel.com/

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