The Hungry Bon Vivant

THE HUNGRY BON VIVANT  is a former Adelaide newspaper journalist who has a passion for food and wine having grown up in a family with a father who was a restaurant reviewer, a mother who wasn’t afraid of cooking with chilli in Australia in the 1970s (when Aussies thought sweet and sour Chinese was exotic), and a brother who is a renowned chef.

He wrote a popular, no-nonsense weekly wine column for an Adelaide newspaper for more than five years and also a couple of national magazines including appearances on a weekly radio stint on Australia’s national broadcaster talking about booze – something he did to stop him from going insane from sub-editing poorly written copy.

The Hungry Bon Vivant has even judged at wine shows and was taken under the wings of an award-winning husband and wife winemaking team and taught how to blend a couple of reds and a popular sparkling red. He also used his charm to convince other renowned and high-profile Australian winemakers and vingerons to teach him the dark arts of winemaking so he could go on and make a fairly palatable drop using neglected Barossa bushy-vine shiraz and grenache with another mate who saw a career in winemaking.

Now, as a lawyer, The Hungry Bon Vivant has to pay for his wine, but he still has a passion for writing and loves sharing his culinary and vinous exploits with anyone who will listen (or read).

Dubbed “Bottlehands”  by his journalistic peers because of his unique ability to pour wine from both hands simultaneously without spilling a drop (usually while sloshed), by The Hungry Bon Vivant searches the world for value-for-money cuisine – whether cooked in a fine restaurant, in a pub, in a food court, in an ethnic cultural club or on a sidewalk.

The Hungry Bon Vivant aims to share experiences with like-minded seekers of non-nonsense, honest and memorable culinary discoveries.

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1 Response to The Hungry Bon Vivant

  1. Olga says:

    Hey Damon,
    Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed reading your blog!

    Is that you Bottlehands? Never had a chance to observe your skill of pouring wine with two hands 🙂 and now it makes a perfect sense why you enjoy cooking… it’s in your blood!

    Im not a big fan of mexican food, partly because of those refried beans!…

    Have you tried Uighur food in China town? They are cheap, tasty and different. Service is a bit slack but overall good.

    There is also a nice Czech restaurant “PRAGUE” not far from my place at Elizabeth Bay, it’s not cheap but the food is great! Definitely worthwhile trying and writing a review! 😀


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